Saturday, October 21, 2023

My mother treated me like I am a criminal for asking for $60 for some codeine and cough syrup and losenges to help me thru this, maybe I have high standards of my friends and family that I am unwilling to take any BS from anyone and am willing to have zero support network to be in line with what I am worth in my world family bends the world to help you and would jump at the chance to help my mom and her new adoptive twisted ex bf mignon see me as a user a criminal a fake degree con man this is unfortunate because I Am not willing to be in the presence of people that are not working on themselves I hate being an empath in a narcissistic abuse generational satanic bloodline sometimes but this is the hand I was dealt I know my presence is a gift not a hinderance my mom was like well you cant see me for a VERY long time because you have this and MAKE SURE YOU PAY ME BACK in 5 days over and over these people are not your family they are actors that rely in residuals in recurring roles in ur life.....I never did get the money and am quite fucking happy dying alone then with that den of fucking snakes they can all sit in that building and drive each other miserable !!! I am done ! I tried my best with what I was given - done !

Why would she distrust her own swami son so much as to lock her bedroom door 45x a day yet give a man I met off the internet a MAIN KEY 
why would she allow all these people from our lives to live with her as a tenant yet would not even rent to her own son? this fucken woman is bonkers !!!
I need to rip all the narcissists from my life kicking and screaming to be truly happy
I am sick of being treated like I am a criminal Rev Dr by those that are tasked with loving me
having a PhD is NOT a dirty little family secret it isnt shrouded in shame c'mon
My life is like the show rome where the boy ceaser has a toxic mother that will do anything to stay in power My mother is obsessed with materialism and money + vanity most people get 5k a month from good ol mom and dad I have to beg for $50 every six months the life of a generational abuse upper chav She gets so super bizarre over $40 I mean are you that fucken basic?