Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Many people lack the ability to see what a situation "could become" like nobody will date a fat person but if the person could see what they could become they would encourage her to eat a tad bit healthier and buy the gurl a treadmill and work with her on her goals eventually becoming the most impressive goddess on the planet so many people want a face value result they will only date someone with a nice outfit etc but with a cute guys help the chav could dress up a bit better and impress his rich folks see if you have the power to see past the present you will work with all that is available to achieve vastness some things like a good body and nice clothing and an impressive home are months and years away of work but if you can see past the chubby face and into her soul you will find your place in this world so many fake people that dress up trying to impress people lol then you find out they have the darkest soul imaginable