Saturday, September 23, 2023

Yeah its just so easy to say the sooner you remove the toxic people from your life the better off you will be......well thats all splendid and stuff but some of us have super close relations with extremely toxic individuals and cannot escape that some of us are living and cohabitating with these types or others have them as family and friends you cant just give up on these people they probably need you in der lives the best thing you can do is not burn a bridge but learn to work with boundaries and assertiveness and know when you need to take a little break for awhile a lot of us are masochistic we can live with anything at this point lolz just keep evolving on a spritual level the world externally isnt going to be all hippies rainbows and green grass and laughter and life and love no we are in a place where 100% the people u meet are toxic to some degree its just kind of bringing yourself to a point in your healing where you do not subscribe to the group efforts to bring you down you come out A) victorious B) not homeless C) not on a psych ward

The streets are filled with crack cocaine heads who could not take the trauma ! don't be one of them...
fucking fight for your life but if someone is really doing you harm tell em to fuck right off and never look them in the eye again have a fucken nice life you weirdo if they are not even 50% in league with your soul cut em off