Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The gatekeepers at psych wards laugh at you they know exactly when your PROGRAM is going to end, you know, actually going through killing urself is theoretically impossible that is one of the gifts given to human beings from the satanists, u are expected to live out your days here and either try endlessly to end it all or get addicted to toxic devil drugs and become a program for the homeless/crack addicted gods to run or you can keep being peace and light no matter what is faced in this reality it seems ok now just wait until trump is re-elected as the freemason grand wizard and orders the death of every living being in this matrix or simply suspends all civil and human rights and places every non freemason and non compliant human beings under house arrest until u bunch of idiots take the microchip and sign over in a terms of service to function on earth ur soul to satan and lucifer the god of this realm and to the freemasons whom own the entire galaxy and not just earth.....please never sacrifice your soul no matter what you are faced with you dont own me you cant kill me you cant torture me or starve me you cant poke my eye out or give me HIV not here not now you have ZERO control I know I am royalty elsewhere it does not mean you can own my soul which actually surpasses all known realities planets and dimensions in totality