Wednesday, September 13, 2023

nobody wants to say this but as an initiated freemason you can pay to have lunch and a happy ending with any KNOWN celebrity male or female but mostly male it costs about $1M a "lunch" like this is bieber or matt damon, harry styles, zayn mailk, prince harry or leo or the newest 18 yr old twink!!!! incl royalty and presidents prime ministers and nobody has really touched on this sex trade but it exists far beyond anything you know and this is how our reality is actually financed like the $400,000 busses or endless sewer systems and roads and the skools and everything is built on the sex abuse and snuff trade....u think you know freemasonry ? hahaha get ready its gonna be a wild ride :)Hollywood would collapse if everyone knew what was really happening with closet cases and violent sex acts perpetrated against hot young men by the elites this is why initiated sex cult members NEVER smile !@!!