Sunday, September 17, 2023

NO drag queens should not be reading to children in libraries a lot of them get super turned on by transvestitism (wearing the opposite genders clothing) and given my own history with a sex predator when I was 15 !!! Joan-E !!! I shouldnt think that all drag queens are rapists or whatever its like insane but I think this stuff is kind of systemic to belong to the international court system you must do evil things to people one involved pretty much means most of them are I feel like we cant talk about this stuff but its weird I should be more supportive cause I am gay but just hate this stuff they are doing let the kids decide in their teens what to do drag queens should NOT be reading to young children most of them are evil predator sex society clowns looking for fame and adoration

They actually believe they are royalty and a public figure -no you are just a gay clown !! if you dont like them here they slap you wif a hate crime charge....this shit does not make any sense at all