Sunday, August 06, 2023

Yes initiated freemasons practice incest lolz its the biggest secret nobody knows its actually kind of hot in a way I mean to an extent a hot dilf with a muscular young teen male son I mean 70% of gay porn videos are like this hahaha not my cup of tea though its kind of strange to me one I was presented with in a ritual and politely declined which they found odd cause absofuckingloutely no gay guy declines sex with their hot brother its just the shush! factor that kind of creeps me out like dont tell anyone ..... this is our lil sex secret sophie probably walked in on these two going at it hahaha dont get me wrong I really like trudeau he is sexy as fuck and gave us endless legal herb (420) in Canada and eradicated the failed drug war its just all a bit much to keep up with everything these days lol its like oh what did trump do today and oh what is the royal family up too and which celebrity was caught peeing with their 12 inch cock in public again (bieber) lmao and not to mention all the pixelated versions of hunter bidens big dink and sexcapades with like literally everyone