Thursday, August 17, 2023

"travelling" is a huge scam and pyramid scheme better off when you attain your wealth to put the money you would have spent travelling and double your budget for a home it is an extroverted activity with lots of dangers and mostly hot weather people assume when they get rich they will be jetset and spending time all over the globe not for me I live in the most beautiful place in the world I would travel locally in familiar surroundings and I have struggled with well I should at least see the world when I attain riches but why ? its all matrixes and giant shopping plazas and tourist traps not for me I would rather build an empire in second life live in my penthouse condo in peace and smoke all the herb I want legally and gamble myself to death rather than go around the world how nostalgic to take a world cruise but most of these are endless power to the pepp rallies and straights everywhere I dont think I am gonna change my mind on this as its an extremely social thing to travel I would rather just be left alone in peace