Monday, August 07, 2023

The biggest lie is that the nazis did win but not on our dimension in fact nothing you are taught actually happened here we are just a copy of a copy of earth the nazis were able to obtain galactic supremacy over many dimensions galaxies and worlds this is why we live in such a rule based and rigid system of the solar sun cult serving hollywood and the royal families if you do not submit to this ritual day time you are left to starve and become addicted and die you are given a tiny bit of free will like a sim but mostly everything is controlled on your behalf we do not live in a compassionate system but one of hate and brutality the problem with working 9-5 is that nobody has time to pursue their own goals you are simply too busy slaving away to work on yourself the little time you have left is to clean up eat and smoke a bowl or have a beer and sleep and it all starts again u did not choose to come here your soul was ensnared and trapped here against your will into a prison of lies