Monday, August 07, 2023

Lets talk for a moment about reverse racism now dont get my tone wrong I am indigenous and feature a lot of black men in my art so dont for one second call me racist I think this subject is not freely talked about because they are inciting white pride everywhere but what about the multitude of black and native people that are like obsessive haters of white people, I mean this is a militant hatred and we are lead to assume its only the KKK and systemic racism but we live in an incredibly racist place in this world I think its all illusion being someone that does not care about race at all ever I tend to really wonder about how people can treat someone based on the colour of their skin when we all have the same skeleton... it doesnt make any sense at all I feel we are not able to talk about these things but I see a lot of african americans and native indigenous that are incredibly hateful of like whites and asian people like an incredible hatred and it breaks my heart I feel we have fought a long way to get where we are and the freemasons and womens masonry and other secret sex cults were #1 responsible for the slavery of blacks and the total genocide and eradication of native bloodlines from earth totally crazy times but it helps to live in a really multicultural place like Canada