Sunday, August 20, 2023

How many people know warhol was shot like 6x by a feminist ? She died in a welfare hostel alone and poor & infamous -and she could not understand how warhol was given all this prestige for doing 100 silkscreens it didnt make any sense at all because he was a PEDO FREEMASON into SEXcults !!!! she couldn't figure it all out in her lifetime but I am here to put a stop to it all dont worry wow what a sad life of her... yes nobody has ever been not indoctrinated into their sex cult in all of known time until now -they are very scared of guru z3n8 because I am the ONLY guru of anti masonry and I am given spiritual instruction as to how to proceed with my future and yes I make mistakes but there is always more powerful satanists at play and loads of money against me but they are shocked at how much I have immensely achieved with maybe $2 to my name and all these weirdos with millions of dollars could never compare in like a million years its all thanks to the sacred masculine which is trapped and in bondage and cannot understand/innerstand why-> it all depends on the bartering of singular souls.

 I am allowed to exist and live like every other chosen one and elite freemason and billionaire I am given free will and god given talent and I will blow the lid of this fucken hell zone !!! if I am harmed this whole waking reality will collapse this was the promise given by the divine mother the awakening of souls into the peace matrix forever and for all of time and all of waking eternity and known reality.