Sunday, August 06, 2023

freemasonry promises absolute immunity in the nature of crime and being a pedo and satanic ritual but once you are caught by people smarter than satanic masonic oversight like detectives with advanced psychic ability you are on your own or disposed of and they feel robbed by this in the end so many freemasons eastern star etc that are executed before our eyes in ambulances and in snuff films

Essentially each member is a member of the royal family after initiation and this gets to peoples headz but we live in a dual system of good and evil so both sides are permitted freedom to exist which is kind of weird  so nobody wants to choose the path of good for it is incredibly incredibly tough to survive when if you choose the other path and give up ur soul you are rewarded for it pretty generously but you have to submit to satanic ritual and incest and fecal/blood/organ human fat eating not my cup of tea and actually visit the hell realms where it really smells like burning garbage motor oil and human waste and disgust have fun koots there is a new system emerging one of PURE PLUR