Tuesday, August 29, 2023

'They laugh when you want to "do" anything other than slavery or being a pleb like oh you are going to invent something? and manufacture it? oh he does not know about advanced freemason/alien creation 3-D printers/computers/VR that can manufacture anything on earth? oh and the other thing.... there is a multitude of copies of this earth if you are not present on any other realities you are not able or have a writ to function

EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF SOCIETY BEYOND SLAVERY AND BEING A PLEB REQUIRES THE INDIVIDUAL TO PARTICIPATE IN SEXUAL RITUAL HAZING from being a doctor to getting your first degree to being a logger to police to social worker to government contractor to paramedic to fireman to joining a sorority to being a starbucks employee to being in the government agency -joining google - opening a pot store or making it as a drag queen or becoming a fashion model or an actor in a movie requires you to ingest human meats and fats and feces or becoming a lawyer or being apart of the royal family to joining the gods so to speak...being a rave promoter to being a cracker baron- absolutely everything requires group torture and hazing and being humiliated  there is also another aspect to these initiations not just hot sauce on the balls sorta deal its like capture the flag type death/vaginal and penile mutilation games and also closeted case sexual entrapment and torture into sexualities that are not your own not just gay/lesbo stuff but like babies and 108 year old women that are actually sluts etc the problem with hazing is that it NEVER stops -you are literally in a cycle of trauma for most of your "career" but you have so called made it and can never escape the pain because nobody talks about it it is highly compartmentalized but vastly widespread - people dont actually understand how you did it - how you made it as a billionaire they look at you with envy and adoration but nobody walks the path they only want what you have and they could never ever attain in 1000 lifetimes....satan thinks they are smarter than a singular soul they entrap thousands in their energy every day....

Covid Lockdowns are coming back and it’s all because they want to win in ‘24