Thursday, June 01, 2023

Were in a giant masonic curse the president tripped and fell at the exact moment his sons child porn pics are released - just a warning that if you view all 10,000 pics some involving the president you will simply be detained and sent to a terror camp and declared a terrorist 99% of us all over the world have already been graded in the future social credit system the issue though is that so many of us are fucking boring so they dont really care about most of us - chances are they will compile a list ofall who viewed this is entrapment they will shut down the internet and confine everyone and you will need state permission to leave the house and you will be charged with accessory x 10,000 counts

 Satellite phones ☎️ passed out to govt leaders

Let the hunger games/nerve/ the purge begin may the odds be ever in your favor

Prediction of the internet going down

Yep here we are again at the imminent collapse of the USA and our reality is awakening

Chances are it will all end in an instant in a flash and bang and it will all be complete and finished