Monday, May 29, 2023

Yes I have to say it....the only thing standing in the way of the ascension of billions of souls into the peace matrix forever and for all of time is simply guru z3n8 against the freemasons LMAO :) its up to you do you want to live in this hell shopping mall matrix for all of known reality? where you have to pay to nourish and house yourself this is fucken nuts? or you can join them for the rest of known time and the rest of known eternity in their hell of brainchips and blood and horror and molestation and brutal murdering incest and satanic devil phallus worship eating human meat and drinking human blood and really disgusting hellraiser type realities its up to you - many people crack under the energy of my power but understand this, all I want is the peace matrix for all of time and all of eternity -for all beings trapped in this freemasonic prison -I don't want ur money, I don't need you to idolize me -I dont want to have sex with you and I dont want anything from you I just want us all to be free forever and for all of time and for all of known eternity in the peace matrix forever in everlasting freedom free will creativity peace good food many animals and endless parties and hugs and kindness friendliness and generosity art and music and nature !!!