Wednesday, May 31, 2023

really grossed out oh man just had a nap it was intense starting to dream on my nap anyways I was dreaming about a snake that was loose and I was trying to catch it then I thought there was just a snakes head or something as well just wriggling around so I trapped it (don't ask me why lol) and it turned out to be a platypus so I wasnt disgusted by that !! it was actually pretty cute I started to hug it hahaha I guess you cant really hug a snake lol looked it up online snakes mean you are dealing with a very toxic person that you were intimate with (chuck) and platypus's mean you are really independent and introverted and forge your own path they say it is a very rare thing to dream of this animal with a duck bill and webbed feet that lays eggs lol and you are a very unique person LOL so strange then I dreamed of people eating a lot of wet cheese and I woke up I was like man I did too much GHB in my candy raver dayz LMAO