Tuesday, May 30, 2023

its hard to see yourself as good looking when you see yourself 40 x a day :) the guru is a hot tamale and thicc :) I am actually pretty decent looking to a potential mate I see people that were not blessed in the looks department and feel very happy that I was even though I have a belly I still have perfecto teeth a great smile killer face not a fat neck or jowles thank god and yeah I am a cutie but I thank the most high for that but I dont let it get to my head sometimes I feel like rita macneil big thicc lol but I am not that huge :P I have some killer karma to be gifted as a cutie and I am kind of a hot bearcub these days in the gay bear scene it is very rare to see a cute bearcub so many grampa bears and guys I would never be attracted too showing their massive breasts or gut its justa weird scene i know I could land a supermodel type guy one day with my talent and intelligence but I just want to be me and not worry anymore I dont want a guy to fall in love with my gut or my dick but my talent and intelligence and compassion which 99% are not even looking for that they just want their ass eaten they dont care what you look like, only the highest evolved have a fast track to date the guru hehehe :)

This is the manboy behind the blog :) about 6 months ago around Jan/feb 2023 :)
Yes I am an old Indian 
I am 41 these days hehehe 
I wear my florescent raver hat religiously :)