Sunday, May 14, 2023

Edict on updates Bday season

Wow this past few weeks has been a roller coaster in the swamis worlt 

from having my 41st bday to being virtually homeless 

In my despair almost leaving the country to go to iceland for asylum 

to getting some new employment (in the works) in a millionaires and billionaires condo 

to finding a suitable home with a really awesome and laid back roomie 

to reconciling with the momma bear it has been a wild ride !!!

through massive trauma and pain to complete fun and joy !!!

I have always felt the few months leading up too and after my bday is like mercury in retrograde however I have always really thrived through chaos and adversity

the guru has extreme issues keeping a stable life and long term relationships with like minded friends

sad to report this past couple weeks I have lost both of my best friends whom happen to be ex boyfriends

I embark on a new path of renewal and going forward and if they dont want to join me that is their problem because I am going to go far in life 

I know in the future my art, blogs or book may bring vast riches and wealth 

but for now I have to remain sensible and work with a budget and stay totally sane and calm 

I thank every one of my readers for coming back again and again to read the updates to my insanity 

and I thank you all for every bit of energy sent my way in the form of laughter at my chaos or penis energy from looking at my naughty blawgs 

I hope I entertain each and every one of you 

and yes I remain the Emissary of the Peace Matrix for all of known time and all of known eternity !

Guru z3n8