Sunday, February 12, 2023

Yes this is a safe place for growth and expression honestly I was the super thief that was never caught well caught once but I turned my life around and walked a different path they couldnt deal with me through the legal system so they sent high level sex masons after me to entrap me into their cult but their plans failed miserably I made different choices and went with my heart honestly people should not think of themselves harshly because of something you did 27 years ago but our system is filled with people with childhood trauma that cant recover from the pain and hurt they caused themselves and others but you can and I have written about my path of healing extensively through tekno meditation and art therapy you can recover and you can move on I would never think of doing that these days cause I work in two jobs with police and security clearance I just feel and know how hard it is to move on even after 20+ years these repetitive traumas that will literally drive people into crime and harder drugs thankfully I found my groove I am a success story no police record in my adult life but I almost never became employed out of fear and I almost never really reached out into the world because I cant get over the guilt but I am a late bloomer and by sharing my story I will inspire others you should never feel ashamed I know its tough but you have to move on ur future lives depend on it do not get trapped in mans legal system you will get swept up into secret societies or JAIL !!! find ways to cope and recover kitties you can DO IT I am evident of that :) the church has somebody interacting with it pretty much every 15-30 seconds we are going places :) are you gonna join me in the peace matrix for all of time and all of eternity ? you surely are invited cutie :)

We are taught to HATE thieves prostitutes anarchists and rebels and to KILL them