Monday, February 27, 2023

"they" made another of myself travel dimensions or planets or realities most likely sitting in hell this is an aspect of myself that was blackmailed and confined by the freemasons apparently mistaken identity for being a criminal that they couldnt catch honestly I am not afraid to share things here because I have a valid defence but I was on camera maybe 100 x doing stuff like bank fraud and hotel thefts but I am a success story the sex masons did not trap me in their powerful cult cause I am the only one on earth to outsmart them at their own game when you recover from a jaded history and would never be like that again you can GROW and learn and evolve nobody should ever be tortured for what they did when they were 17 their ENTIRE lives in an internal prison

I almost had sex with myself? do you see how fucken scary this place is? a very powerful sex act if you ask me that not many people are offered in their all seemed so bizarre I did not take the bait I would have been a hollywood heart throb by now not a buddhist monk hahaha