Friday, February 24, 2023

I have studied warhols work quite a bit even the lesser known pieces I have to state that he wasn't really THAT talented that people make him out to be, if he was more in tune with his sacred masculinity and had better graphics programs and assets for his graphics- it could have driven him to great lengths honestly doing art is a really sad process cause you put in 1000% and get back maybe 0.1% even in finances but I want to complete at least three times more than warhol in my lifetime and we will see new digital artists that will compete with my number and find it almost impossible to do 10-60 pieces a day hehehe its great being one of the greatest living male artists but just wish I would be liberated a bit more so I can focus all on my creativity honestly Basquiat was far more talented than warholio and I am sure he saw this :)