Monday, January 09, 2023

Of course my history and past is something to really feel sad about if anybody knows what I was up to as a teen but we all grow out of it kitties we mature and its up to you to take back your life and learn from everything not just get so fucken bogged down by your past that you become an alchy or heroin addict you may have been a thief or prostitute 20 years ago - feeling ashamed about yourself enough to live a future of abject failure, pick yourself up thank the heavens you lived through it all and diligently get your life in order you are not who you were 20 years ago you may have been not trusted or made some mistakes sexually with people it does not mean you should feel so ashamed that you become 750 lbs and never leave the house, god people your happiness is decided by you and you only start making the right strides and slow progress is really immense in the long run and a lot of us 100% have a past or history some salivate trying to find out each others gossip but honestly dont judge me by who I was when I was 16 - I almost died but fuck that was like 25 yrs ago fucken move on and carry on and find the answers to bring your fellow human bros and sisters to complete enlightenment and liberation cuties