Thursday, January 05, 2023

its technically impossible for the average human to launch a website on their own without divine help I am fortunate to have 10+ domains of which like a few are blogs and are not coming down anytime soon the fact that I could create a blog from scratch and do the cut and paste coding and domain pointing even down to the graphics/tagging + layout is technically almost beyond impossible for the average human because it is ALIEN TECH ~~~which is why most so called talented people are only "influencers"

ur blog may never take off why dont you settle on a 9-5 job instead of making it ur sole pursuit this is why so many incredibly smart and talented people suffer blogger burnout after 1 year they are not flying in a private jet trying on jeans in vegas after that year so they move onto something else prove me wrong start your blohg today and see wtf I am talking about lol !!! nobody is going to sit away and type and post photos for 10 years with no actual income or anything it doesnt make sense at all even getting on google takes a fucken miracle !! pointing a domain from the registrar is like fucking bonkers takes about 72 hrs of nerve wracking time to properly do it see I go with blogger cause they take care of the scam called 'hosting' for you unlike wordpress or a static website I even figured out how to make a static website for my book on blogspot not technically a blawg but kinda sorta still is hahaha but there is no updating and a singular info book promo site hehehe
I wont go into how extensive my empire is in Second life but its pretty massive and a full time job