Thursday, January 19, 2023

Edict on homelessness

 SO like Michael alig and JJ brine I too suffer from an indigo problem my personal life suffers because I am sick off all the MK mind control by a master programmer being my mother whom is also my abuser

to elaborate on the code red I displayed a few days ago I got into an argument with my mother and she kicked me out called police gave me 30 min to leave so I was apprehended for my own safety and brought to an emergency psych ward all day where I simply meditated seeing the DR around 7pm made me realize that if I chose the path of hospitalization for a month I think I would really suffer

the issue is that sitting on the ward I had job training 3 days from then along with my commitments at the gallery and church the last thing I needed was to sit around a psych ward all day when I could be doing stuff I told the nice psych lady that my mental illness was aggravated by the whole situation and that I am not a threat to myself or others and that I have six doctorates and want to make a life for myself 

So I am homeless at a friends safe and sound at least for 1 month 2 weeks then I really have to find independence honestly I cant take living with someone so toxic, mean, narcissistic, abusive let alone the 12 hours of programming I receive every day 

all she natters on about is her bird to nausea and materialism I cant live with somebody opposite than my spiritual, creative, happy, talented side

she treats my doctorates like a dirty little family secret an internet thing not real not legitimate fake

she is still the figurehead around my false family sex abuse claims that resulted in massive police coverup and conspiracy

she is an actress. my mother would not do this to me.

thankfully she was willing to write me an eviction notice which will put me higher on the subsidized housing list when all I want is independence. I was not considered a tenant because I did not have a lease or agreement she held that power over me like I will just get the police here he has no lease they will drag him out in a hurry she made sure to tell 9-11 that I was schizophrenic and smoking drugs hahaha when I only suffered through my onset with that stuff now herb is a main part of my life and there is nothing that anybody can do I will smoke it for my entire life it enhances my creativity by 10,000 % and I just keep to myself I am not a threat to anybody

I am now working two jobs along with my pension have great references and if this would have all happened a year ago I would have been royally fucked I knew I had to get out of there I just thought I would have more time to prepare and I sensed a pseudo permanence

truth is she wrestled me out of my own home on 30 min notice via the cute police apparatus so she can have loud sex with her handyman and not have their adult son listening 

I want my life back she would scream

she is all up on me smoking pot on her balcony yes I did for the past 4 years suddenly she was going to send me to the street in the summer then all of a sudden I had to go right away and I did I complied once in which I saw 6 people in the process which really aggravated my social anxiety and I tried to reason with her but just said fuck it I am smoking a fucking joint on your balcony and there is nothing you can do about it I live here too not just you lit one up and she went absolutely bonkers and ballistic viscous mean mother syndrome split personality shit 

she was smoking weed 1.5 weeks before that for like 3 months and has pretty much flipped to a different coin whenever she quits 

totally loony

I can sense my mother will not be an influence in my life in the future and this is a shame I had great things planned for her when I become a multi millionaire from my art or books now she can just enjoy her bird that is all she cares about a fucken bird I love them just to a degree