Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Each freemason is afforded the divine right to rule over vast swaths of plebs and manipulate their lives through people, dreams, and reality it is rumored that they eat alien meat or human meat to be so far advanced that nobody ever questions what they do....the mark of the beast has been revealed as the secret sex cults of the earth and each freemason has the ability to travel outside of this matrix, earth dimension etc and has an unlimited amount corporate account for various expenses including meals wardrobe security even up to many many billions of dollars on a visa card to buy anything they desire but they must make it known everywhere they go that they are illuminati and will be promoted + humiliated and surgically advanced eating peoples bowels for lunch with fois gras at a super elites house like fuck ick ??? wtf ??? until the end of time these people are leading us down a path in this so called reality that I have been desperately trying to stop in an underground religion I find it highly suspect that there is not a suitable mate for me anywhere in the world? lol and why I am forced to undergo government mind kkkontrol on an hourly basis and all I want is liberation from being a massive reality star for offworld entertainment it goes right up to the kings queens vatican embassies bankers famous hollywood actors this guru resists and how could he the dirty little fag and thief he deserved everything he had happen to him this is HELL WAKE UP

The 1990's rave scene was the LAST time we were actually human beings and had free will every single day that has passed since about 1994 has thrust this reality into a global prison super hell matrix sold via the royal families each stock traded human being for their benefit forever and for all of time
FUCK Drinking blood and having painful surgeries and eating human meat and doing weird things to babies and relatives this is what I have been trying to warn people about in this ministry for many years the info is highly suppressed but they cant take out somebody that is technically royalty on another raver type dimension billions of years in the future I am far too powerful to bring down (an anomaly) 
I contacted many enlightened beings through my drug use and interdimensional travel that they have sent emissaries on the behalf of the COT to intervene galactically in all matters of state personal and all my readers etc so they place me in mind control apparatus in the hopes that my torture will cause me to kill myself again or get locked up in prison or psych wards so the deal is I know some pretty advanced heavenly beings so they are aware we are in a supermax prison that is guarded by nuclear weapons all the poor souls here even just one is far too valuable to lose (the domain/dominion/empire etc)