Tuesday, December 06, 2022

yes I have become pretty enlightened through my suffering and abuse much like Cathy O'Brien its all in a friendly and positive way though that recognizes the duality of good and evil not a Narcissistic ego but a down to earth raver from the clubkid era kinda happiness that has achieved all he sought from life

its kind of just a prodigy in the arts is where I stand some people are really gifted in the matrix but essentially I chose this path for myself which is strange-that is where I stand though not gifted in things like functioning normally or doing math or science below average in those so its all relative really I mean a scientist would have no idea how I did all my art in this lifetime its technically and strategically impossible by todays standards I just unearthed a vault of backgrounds from the early days of the net honestly the graphics as they are are sub standard 1998 sorta deal so about 350x350 px but the image quality is way below anything acceptable so I apply a unique oil filter to make an abstract and 110% crisper background image to put my stencil on like this one 

this is the original image

                                                            this is what I turn it into