Wednesday, November 02, 2022

YES I have plans (financial strategy) for 500k up to about $1.2B so I play the lottomax and bc49 here and also the major USA lotteries when they are around a billion I have expensive tastes lol so I decided if I win a billion I would get it in about 29 equal payments each year and I will get the full one billion so I will be 69 when my annuity runs out I would have gotten pretty used to like 31M-USD a year but honestly I would like be surviving if you call it that on like $167,000 USD a month LOL anybody can make that work- I feel sorry for the people that take the whole lottery as cash only they lose out on over $400,000,000 right off the bat bad kitties bad bad fucken wanna shake some of these lotto winners hahaha but if you are going to play.... you have to know exactly where every dollar is going..... dont ever rely on private skool coke head stockbrokers to chart your cash do it yourself and I am probably the only canadian that has received a cease order from megamillions and illinois state lottery

People KILL for $85 man dont trust your millions even with ur closest relatives mates