Friday, November 18, 2022

Truth is we are all pedo from discovering secks at an early age - we cant begin to understand things most of us have no concept of like being trans or intersexxx you have pedos or minor attracted which is like 11-16 then you have peeps like me that love 17-18 yrs to about 23-24-29ish depending on the look of the guy and that does not make me a pedo or minor attracted it makes me a normal functioning gay male and str8's are exactly the same you are not going to look at an old gramma and say wow I want to suck her tits off no they will oggle at a hot 19 yr old chick that is well dressed same with gay men/closeted cases- they love hot young men walking around and sometimes watching two guys have endless anal sex is kind of boring so you look at a str8 video because its like bizarre and not normal but hey to each der own you are not going against your sexuality if you explore a bit thank god we have the net people are so liberated these days as opposed to other times like the 80's when all there was was magazines how boring