Wednesday, November 16, 2022

There has got to be an asexual cute raVer boy somewhere in the world that needs a soulmate, I should not have to live in complete hell and despair at least I am not homeless but fuck we live in HELL !!! I know if you dont make money and stuff you are forced to live with parents or roomies but these can really bog you down with a lot of toxicity I literally have nowhere else to go nobody wants you if you are not sexual -well that is not normal shaun wtf what is normal ? obsessing about somebodies sexual organs endlessly so they pay your rent god this matrix is so fucked I strongly believe I am suffering but cannot manifest a way out of my prison I hope one day to be so loaded that I can drink wine in my condo thinking about how tough my life was but still this moment I am not happy and I am trying my best I know there is people out there forced to live with narcissists and their abusers including psychotic spouses but fuck is this all I can manifest ? canada is so unkind to people that cannot work I am trying to make bebe steps but going a bit insane in my life when u are not an institutionalized slave rat