Tuesday, November 15, 2022

scanned thru a few things on the hunter biden laptop report didnt find anything incredible other than he is a crack head sex addict that likes watching porn of big black cocks fucking skinny crackwhores no real evidence of much pedoism or anything that even says he is a freemason or anything kind of out of place most of the rebels these days have smoked crack and snorted a line and had an orgasm while rolling its not really that big of a deal if he was creepy it would have shown didnt see much but do not look too deep for the justice dept will come hunting for anybody that looks into this so be prepared its in my twitter likes btw

sadly all the porn is shaded out I was kind of wondering if Hunter has a 9-10-11-12 or-13 inch dick like I have heard lol every single image of his penis is shaded out for some reason enquiring minds wanna know lol that is pretty much the only reason I watch biden porn lol