Saturday, November 19, 2022

Our ideas of sexuality are programmed into us by gender specific models this excludes form of romances that are mind based or psychic based or enlightenment and renders them basically useless to our needs and desires and purely degrades the sexual act as penis to vagina - penis to anus etc rod + hole so there is a lot more to sex than the actual mechanics obviously you put two and two together if your gay this is how you have sex if you are str8 or bi you kind of get it but what if you come from a world where one has 6 penises or you simply get pon far every 7 years and have to have a great time but the rest of that time is asexual or mind based we are just so limited in our sexualities to achieving pleasure for about 11seconds in a hole or opening in the body and this degrades the beauty of a truly spiritual and omniscient union.