Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Well a follow up to DEC 8 2021 you can find that day on this ministry as of 3:55 almost 24 hrs up I am fried but I submitted two complaints (to the federal and provincial human rights tribunals) demanding the governor general of canada resign for mistreatment of my case about the rescinding of medals from her majesty the Queen to the drag queen joan e and the other complaint was sent to my provincial human rights tribunal regarding the College of Physicians and surgeons remove Dr Darlene Hammel and their board of directors immediately resign and yes I was born with huge fucken native balls kitties let the show start get out the pop corn and chocolates its going to be a wild ride !!!

Also Sent a protest writ/letter to indigenous services canada protest unit a week or so ago demanding I be given native status or I will submit a federal human rights complaint I am going to give it 3-6 months its kind of fucking ridiculous that you cannot self affirm your native status in canada what a fucken joke