Tuesday, October 25, 2022

ur lottery budget is important I have been typing mine thru about 12,000 revisions, when people piss you off you will knock millions off their amount but yes it is apart of your manifestation practice its really important to know and understand where every dollar is going you should at least try and make urself self sufficient for about 20-30 years and invest in RRSPS and properties to take over when your annuities run out honestly you do not want a life long annuity cause chances are in 30 years your amount will be pennies compared to what it costs to live but its really wise instead of dreaming of it but to have a solid plan and be generous with yourself check relators listings maybe you want a small condo maybe you want a mansion maybe you want a coke allowance just be sensible about every cent cause when your number is called you will probably never get the chance again and yes pick a number like $70M you could win far less like $2m or far more like $1B so be smart and start today you affirm daily that it is going to happen and it will for you I can feel it :)