Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The biggest thing people lack in their creative abilities is the ability to either FIND or dream up CONTENT !!!! think about that for a sex

I used a ripper program to download 1M pictures 
but I am a rare fish 
most people can dream all they want but people want to see you PRODUCE
and make sure you have at least 36 years of stable content which gives you a good groundwork for what you want to achieve 
I ran into tons of people calling themselves an author and when I asked what they wrote they said oh nothing yet LOL
I wanted to download hundreds more blogs than I did but when I went to rip der images they would have only like 20-200 pictures on the entire blawg honestly they had an intriguing outlook enough for me to be intrigued on their philosophy but if they would have just reposted things all the time I mean that is not true talent at all
This society nurtures a lot of FAKE icons and influencers that actually really in effect have no real given talent at all but with no substance I mean the vision is there but they lack the hard work and ability to start from scratch I hear where they are coming from hard work is well hard work but not many are willing to go unpaid for 10-20 years while your blohg takes off :)  
do u really think it takes any skills at all to fart in a jar or collect boob sweat? I mean wow lol