Sunday, October 16, 2022

My dating profile on the bear app growlr


I am the Prince of chavz and prince of my working class neighborhood of Esquimalt haha mice 🐁 to meat 🥩 you!!!!! 

Eye am actually a guru/swami & emir of the Church of Techno 

Seeking a hubby and a non sexual union that is not anus or genital based - asexual is apart of the identity spectrum meaning I don’t base my relationships on sex or genitals but

Mui life surrounds men of all types skaters, ravers, hot boyz, naked teens, chavs, punks, stud models, just beautiful men all day every day

I am attracted to intelligence and compassion not ur dick


I seek a guy that is compassionate, friendly, funny, kind, clean, thoughtful & intelligent….

Eye just have hope that there is a guy out there that needs me by his side 

I know I may b single my whole life but my soulmate would innerstand that I am gay as fuck just a tad complex…you must be extremely highly evolved to grasp my weirdness even on the lowest levels simply a kindergarten in my online life would take 74 weeks haha 🌈 🙏🦺🧚🏼‍♂️🧢👑🐸🦆🍀🚦🌠🪬💊🧸🕉🔵🏳️‍🌈💗🐅

I am a prodigy in the arts and hold six doctorates …I have evolved past the need to sexually express myself which is mostly illusion btw and my love for the sacred masculine is much higher than u can imagine

I am 40 and an ordained swami & guru and I am stuck to live in life as a perpetual teen thx to tons of raves when meh brain was still developing (rag doll🐸)


I know I am different sounding than all the anally centred guys in here but we are all special and unique in our own wayz 

If u want a relationship with an enlightened and funny buddhist monk eye am ur guy

.  I am going to have many millions one day and need somebody I can trust when I manifest all I seek ….just so u know sex is not off the table with my big dink but I need to b in something meaningful and lasting with intellect and love listening to lo-fi tekno eye just want to let u know where I rest on the spectrum so there is no surprises …🙏🦺🧚🏼‍♂️🧢👑🐸🦆🍀🚦🌠🪬💊🧸🕉🔵🏳️‍🌈💗🐅👽

I am a blogger @

I wrote the best gay raver metaverse novel out der

My virtual ministry = is where all meh art is💟

Moar blohgs =, &

I am an internet activist and conspiracy theorist against freemasonry and police brutality and remain introverted 🐸 I was passed around to the elites in my teens which really damaged my sexuality.

I have about 27  .com domains  I own

Before you drool at my DR title while I remain one of the most decorated Doctors in Canada I survive off a disability pension and a humble night job + volunteer at an art 🖼 gallery… I am not a medical 🏥 dr but a Dr of religion hehe but not a jesus freak I created my own virtual ministry


I am not seeking a rich man per se I mean I would take a broke chav and struggle together over a toxic rich narcissist any day but I am a rare fish 🐠 I am also not seeking a sex flake or somebody that wants me to eat all the time lol I smoke cigarettes and 420 fuck you if thats a problem I dont drink dont do hard stuff cept acid and shrooms… if u are an alcoholic or a materialistic institutionalized slave rat we will NoT get along ….if u are a cock slut move on I am seeking something more meaningful that that !!! 🌈 🙏🦺🧚🏼‍♂️🧢👑🐸🦆🍀🚦🌠🪬💊🧸🕉🔵🏳️‍🌈💗🐅

I am not really into freemasons -grampas or superchubs I mean if u eat all day u wont b around very long I gained weight via medication but sometimes have the diet of an anorexic if that makes any sense and  I listen to 24 hrs of really hardcore underground tekno per day lulz daddybear grampas are a touchy subject with me while eye dont have a daddy fetish i guess Its easier to say nothing is off the table wif meh I seek a guy highly evolved and intelligent if it happens to b an older dude or a twink bearcub of sortz hehe it doesn’t matter its just most gramps are stuck in 1940 and dont even know what a terabyte hard drive is and just want their anus endlessly pleasured like a super old bottom or something stuck in his wayz lol in which case we won’t get along but I mean it all comes down to the soul really but I guess I seek a stud around my own age by about ten years its easy to relate to someone like that but I know the world can surprise u sometimes lol so nothing is off the table so to speak 🗣 


A long distance relationship is totally NOT on my radar and prefer a beauty that lives no moar than 100 km away victoria is a super luxe bonus

I meditate a lot (to techno) and listen to a lot of affirmations and I would even consider somebody handicapped/disabled/marginalized or non binary if they had a great soul but yes I want to b with a man haha 🌈 🙏🦺🧚🏼‍♂️🧢👑🐸🦆🍀🚦🌠🪬💊🧸🕉🔵🏳️‍🌈💗🐅

I am nearing 8000 pieces of digital art done which is creeping up on warhol 

My art is basically a male form muscle hunk stencil over a corporate logo kinda deal

I contest to supplement my income and am a typical aries ♈️ that goes where everyone fears to tread

I dont have any weird fetishes or anything and yes I love dick but I dont base my life on having one in front of my face constantly eye have one of my own and yes I have foreskin if that icks u out then fuck off and find a guy with his genitals mutilated to make u happy


If u dont private message me u are an idiot YOU hafta msg me I get insane amounts of lookers and 100% of them are too weirded out by me to even say hi but everyone on here really just wants their butt licked so there is that and I am really shy and introverted so if I resonate with u speak the fuck up dont wait 2 yrs to say hi lol

If I must have sex I am totally not a bottom AT ALL prefer non anal but would really thrive in a friendship with lots of kisses I am not into public displays of affection and I am not very cuddly or need a lot of physical intimacy and I hate the outdoors prefer websites to treess - I clean a church late nights my dream job and volunteer at an art gallery once a week

I have had two very long 8 yr relationships and remain best friends with both of em if that is a problem go fuk urself


If u like strange porn like flashers and big black dicks and double penetrating twinks we will get along fine lol

I dont have any idea why there are so many married or partnered guys on here lol go be with ur husband and leave the eye candy for me lolz 

I really am a wizard in the kitchen hehe

I try and be vegetarian whenever I can but also eat meat I eat like a hippy most if the time

I am a suicide survivor and have a really unique outlook on life and remain highly evolved and intelligent and super super creative!!

I have a photographic memory -🌈 🙏🦺🧚🏼‍♂️🧢👑🐸🦆🍀🚦🌠🪬💊🧸🕉🔵🏳️‍🌈💗🐅

I am kinda seeking the hawtest bear out der because I deserve him and I have worked xtremely hard at ending negative recurring trauma and abuse cycles and bettering myself and I remain a really good communicator which is essentially great for my soulmate but most males on here are just looking fur a butt to peg lol

so I want to end this post with a wish for your prosperity and happiness 4 whatever path u are on !! Eye 👁 like you also deserve to be loved and cherished 🌈 🙏🦺🧚🏼‍♂️🧢👑🐸🦆🍀🚦🌠🪬💊🧸🕉🔵🏳️‍🌈💗🐅👽most people looking for a hookup are “unskilled” and tempting their lowest desires and instincts and remain in a perpetual pattern of suffering if it doesn’t mean anything why endlessly hunt for men like a rabid slut 

in this listing u find a rave reverend that is looking for the highest possible love the supreme love and I deserve him….someboy that gets me on all levels not just the lowest animalistic nature but one where we have arranged to meet billions of years ago in this terrible and sad matrix of illusion where does his head rest? In my lap of course because u are not alone anymore u have found meh u have found the highest possible union because u deserve a world of fun and laughter after all the tears and hopelessness u have found me. A two spirit indigo elitist and indigo elder from a raver galaxy billions of years in the future u can finally rest and recover and heal ur broken heart🌈 🙏🦺🧚🏼‍♂️🧢👑🐸🦆🍀🚦🌠🪬💊🧸🕉🔵🏳️‍🌈💗🐅