Sunday, October 16, 2022

Just because I am on a freemason hitlist and blackmail and assassin masons does not mean I am going to hide away in my room forever scared as fuck -I hope to one day become so powerful that no secret sex cult initiate can touch me -Guru z3n8 is brazen weird strange bizarre and odd get used to it

So soon I am gonna start a luxury blawg that is minorly male oriented it will feature luxe lifestyle mansions cars and wealth art and refinement :) its going to be called I totally need to focus on other things so this launch is maybe a week or so away but should be fun I will run 7 blawgs wowies
so blohgs do NOT pay out AT ALL except in highly charged sexual energy from hot gay males all over the world looking at your stuff so are you willing to be poor but totally liberated in your sexuality? start a gay blog today hahaha most people cant its impossible for them to understand how to launch a blog I mean you can but its a ten year learning curve and like zero traffic and traffic to websites is highly controlled and you are lied too on a daily basis about your traffic counts when in fact you have tons and loads and loads of hot young gay or questioning males looking at ur impeccable style that rivals versace