Monday, October 31, 2022

I know its tempting to give millions of dollars to each of your loved ones in case you win the lottery but this is unskilled max $375K to each loved one and make them fucken work for it like 375k annuity will provide $1000 a month for 28 years chances are these so called loved ones would not shower you with untold amounts if the tables were turned and would just throw 10k at you and you would be expected to literally suck their asshole for handouts like most wealthy people do, chances are most of these so called loved ones are actually your abusers we love to love our abusers so please give more to grassroots charities than your friends and family and please remember if you win the lottery its YOUR win not theirs be SELFISH it is not your responsibility to set a dozen people free maybe help them along a little bit but make them work for their lives and yes give them 375k but also see how they react with that amount and then resolve to give them 1k a month for life but if they totally go psycho on you for not giving them $12 M out of your $70M cut em off and be glad you didnt waste $12M on that fucken psycho but make sure you set yourself up for LIFE with your income and honestly if you have an uncle on pension or disability do not give them one million dollars but spread it out in an annuity or just give them what is under their allowable amount people that are not used to money will go and spend $1m in 14 weeks lol

Honestly why would you give millions of dollars to somebody that wouldnt even loan you money when you are struggling or help you with your dreams?

When you take on manifesting as a practice its not a question of IF I WILL WIN its a matter of WHEN I WILL WIN its a long lonely process to make yourself incredibly wealthy without secret society sex cults but if you have no other means to make money MANIFEST IT !!! And charities = Give to ones that you care about that spend less than 1% on admin CEOS/directors etc and SPECIFY what each amount goes too if you do not know what amounts are for what with regards to the specific charity chances are you have not done your research properly -and GO on a few world cruises SEE the world dont just sit in your basement smoking crack with your winnings....with 420 there is no need for harder drugs when you are loaded dont become a rich heroin addict that is fucken lame -Make plans for amounts from $500k to $100M to $1Billion and let your mind wander and really get a feel for what massive riches will actually open up...unlock doors in your soul and choose fringe investments like domain names (.coms) and angel investing and crypto etc and a smaller amount maybe $1m each for more mainstream investments dont throw millions at something you do not understand fully and research like maybe its just less stress and wiser not to go into properties as an investment it is extremely taxing as a landlord and send that money to your annuity which is working with you anyway for a minimal amount of work vs being a slumlord lol