Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Gonna be beating off the daddies and twinks with a stick soon lol my job is VERY physically demanding and when I am not werking 3x a week for 1-3 hours per shift I am taking quick twenty min walks to my church every other day so a lot more thigh action going thank god it didnt all go to my neck lol I have about 80-100 lbs to lose but honestly I am so confident that it does not really matter to me anyways honestly all people want is their sex organs stimulated not a friend with kisses so no matter what I look like I have to learn to be independent at some point- u can coast on ur looks for only so long its kind of funny I have not aged a DAY since 17 Except some grey hairs god I am old but honestly I see peoples dating profiles and they are 28 and look really really old and I am 40 due to all the pure mdma rewiring my brain chemistry and I literally have like no sun at all ever wow no goodlooking homeless people so I guess that is a plus lol :)

me about 10 years ago and I am still the same prince softly just a lil thicker these days ahahaha but were all human and its important to love yourself no matter how sexually attractive your earthbound body is u are much MORE than a sex organ or an anus-> kitties :)