Monday, October 31, 2022

Be wacky with your wealth buy $1M in lighters and tealights for when everything goes into lockdown/social credit hell and they make you barter your stuff for a months worth of food each lighter or tealight will produce unimaginable methods of wealth accumulation in the post apocalypse and you will be able to be self sufficient in case the powers that be turn their back on you

If your plan does not impress galactic advanced Phdees accountants you will not succeed its all done by galactic treaty you make $19 today an hour but that does not mean in 5-10 years you will be making $175,000 USD/Fiat/Gold AN HOUR !!! Channel Sai Baba fuckin make a video to help program it into your skull that you are going to make it and demand it from the fucking boomers that control this matrix