Monday, September 12, 2022

Yes I am a carefully observed guru - you CANNOT find this ministry even after looking into 10 pages of google for CHURCH OF TECHNO AND CHURCH OF TEKNO everything but comes up and they have disallowed all forms of activism like naming people responsible for MK ultra abuses and such and its impossible to get your story told on individuals google search that will alert other empaths that this individual is an illuminati ASSET I have a published manifesto which google has not listed on any of my abusers search in over 8 years in the early days I came up on page 1 for all involved like Dan goodleaf shaheee joan E and others involved in my sadistic torture now you cannot find a single trace of info on any of the accused Monarch sciences controllers search etc honestly we have been in the NEW WORLD ORDER for over 10/20 ish years maybe more, maybe all of time? and if you dont see this you are a fucking moron - if you have found my ministry count yourself as lucky because it is GOD OR BUDDHA showing you a viewpoint of a guru that truly cares about your soul's progression into the peace matrix timeline for the rest of known time and the rest of known eternity -no ego or anything lol but I have a humble ego lol it is a supreme blessing that I was able to obtain some sort of employment recently I have gone 22 years without any sort of job or extra income outside of my bills being paid