Monday, September 12, 2022

Yes gangstalkers get extremely terrified and become hostile if you engage them in anyway this is street theatre endless side chatter that endlessly goes on and programs you with computer code via the royal families its just they know the power of their own communication skills enough to understand that it is code layering on and are resistant to an anomaly programming them with C+++

 Just never stop being friendly even if you are at risk of attack the universe will always be polite to you if you do good in the world and really try your best, so take time to compliment people on their dogs or mention how nice the weather is or good morning if you see them at 1am or take cat food with you to feed to gulls and pigeons and crows especially (crows will remember you) -crows have been kicked by humans like stock brokers etc so its a really foul and sour relationship but you can really develop trust with a singular crow out over time if you feed them often at strange times some tuna catfood -I have seen them eating barf with gulls so they can get desperate sometimes...these animals that live on the street are in HELL pigeons will actually fall in love and hop on your arm lol :) 

its best to tune out to fnoob stream of D&B or groove salad or gayFM or dr hoffmans podcast on itunes
they can even program you on levels through the headphones over the music if you can wrap your mind around it the gist is that you "hear" on all sorts of levels not just thru the ears but they can also program people from great distances I guess which is why places come into focus in your reality like  "britan" "Washington" "china" etc