Monday, September 12, 2022

When I wuz a teen shriners found out I took an ID for working in a bicycle cab business and setout to entrap me in a hollywood conspiracy involving royalty and celebs it was basically a snuff film underground dark web private skool kid thing, they had me on movie sets etc it was fucked nothing to really be ashamed of I mean everyone is 16 at some point you have to really grow up and stay focused on trying ur best and yes its ok to take 72 hrs to sleep after infused joints lol yes I had impulse control problems, yes I had no income, yes I was prediagnosis and had really nothing going for me so yes the royalty shit layering on is depressing at best they even turned off nintendos in UK to mourn her imperial majesty, I am recovering from what this witch and all these people did to me and life is good just cant help but feel like you are working endlessly with a set of truly powerless options lol