Wednesday, September 14, 2022

they are quietly perfecting human implants so your microchip will remain a tool of mind control and manipulation not to mention advertising like FB on steroids but also a punishment tool and google internet oriented device right in your eye or brain and will allow you to record your entire day and week month and life

you will not be able to function without one financially or health or entertainment wise 
I also think they will be used as a nootropic kind of a drug as well and an instrument of currency
and it would be compliant on your use of the trademarked METAVERSE
also it would become a tool of punishment along with the ability to create stupidity and stifle out all forms of intelligentsia, artistic ability, and rebellion/advocacy/anarchism
if people knew what they were up too this whole entire waking reality would collapse suddenly
-they need to do their covid psychobabble to turn people against people that refuse and these are your brothers and sisters in the struggle...they have advanced societal psychologists cooking up ways to pit each human against other humans and its sad cause we will never point the finger at who is truly responsible for keeping us all here against our will forever and until we die. and that is the secret societies, hollywood, and the royal families and the political spectrum all which participate in ritual sacrifice, sexual torture and human meat eating among a few things these kind old rotarians that like to give charitably of course are up to