Monday, September 12, 2022

Just like the time has been labeled BC and AD this last few days will be a major timeline shift into a totally different reality BEFORE QUEEN IS DEAD TO AFTER DEATH - KING CHARLES 3rd inception into timeline... its a big secret.... but nobody wants to tell you that REGINA/VAGINA was more popular than Christ, The future timeline does not look good for intelligent compassionate loving beings but rather glorification of money, social-credit & microchipping sex illusion etc its not just that -that we should be scared of.... and no faith or reverend has ever touched on this.... not even biblical christianity but we should be extremely fearful of being trapped in this matrix shopping mall for the rest of known time.....

He has been king for a few days and has already fucked things up incredibly outside of the official narrative, while Regina was alive she did not even mess up once in social decorum she was a program of the matrix, this dimension in the coming weeks and months is going to be an extremely challenging ride and countless millions will be desperate for change that will never come, sadly enough this is why I support humanity through a very sadistic and brutal time at the expense of my own life/safety/security/wealth etc essentially if need be that takes fucken ballz
Guru z3n8 is here and you are not alone.