Monday, September 12, 2022

is anybody else kind of aroused by this man?

I guess you could kind of have sex with his ears, but its like you kind of realize a guy in a wheelchair could not really like hunt heavy elk sorta deal not trying to be mean its just the said wheelchair couldnt really go through the forest floor because its nature and not built like a ramp etc but its like well he is comfortable with himself enough to hunt for his dog's meat and then go to a transvestite bra party on a cruise ship and spit out booze all over his "bras" so it means he is a fun guy (fungi)

Its just a few questions that you would wonder about this man, does he have a catheter? does his penis work or like most spinal cord situations the lower half does not work I mean he seems pretty confident so it could be assume that he is quite a talented asexual and that is okay its just I guess you have to broadcast yourself at times and that is okay too lol