Friday, September 30, 2022

If you are a monarch slave or targeted individual UNDERSTAND THIS: nobody is coming to save you!!!! no motorcades, no book deals you will not become an instant celeb this is a massive project with massive implications and if anybody ever finds out what has exactly happened to me alone this whole entire waking reality WILL COLLAPSE - and we will all be thrust into the absolute the peace matrix for all of time and all of eternity -I wonder if as an anomaly would I bear the responsibility of every waking individual being terminated in the matrix yes I have compassion but none of these "people" are "real" if I could save myself and break out of this frathouse I would I am sorry but I am so beyond this place emotionally artistically and intelligence wise there has to be a place for me somewhere that does not involve slavery or torture there has to be a place where refinement is welcome intelligence is okay and art is beyond wonderful- you have to save yourself, you have to better yourself to the point where they cannot control you anymore or ALL the events in ones life as a waking reality show for off world entertainment this place is fucken sick and twisted and this whole reality is owned by the freemasons and eastern star and their millions of dinner clubs social clubs fraternities and sororities