Tuesday, August 02, 2022


So much of the world is spent in patience waiting ....waiting for something to happen. If you do not have any resources your time is pretty dismal and what a way of life to be like a monk- not capitalist -not materialist. When you begin to question everything around you the world becomes a terrifying place to be in when you don’t even know who the enemy is and who isn’t. When you are fighting an invisible enemy you do not who is the enemy and who isn’t..... like the freemasons for example you are fighting against long dead wizards calculating everything for your downfall. Makes room for a tender lil diagnosis of mental illness when you try and explain this to somebody that is educated. Most people are so happy with their lives never questioning what makes them reside in this body day in day out in a reality that does not justify or define its existence so many lies so much illusion so much chaos in the world and there are still people that do not quantify everything on occasion I mean they are just happy with what they have and what is on television and what is for next for dinner. I advocate for people to mesh with life as much as they can and to not get to my level where I question almost everything critically and insanely -what is this skill to critically ask yourself if everything is illusion is it paranoia? Most people would not question who their mother or father is....what planet they are in ....what solar system? where even are we? What the basis to humanity is? Why secret societies literally control everything and to even have a human body dysphoria is kind of bizarre when you do not see yourself as trans or non binary but even non human. I just figure I am making good strides in my life by volunteering at a gallery a few times a month if employability is in question then I can make some small simple strides in the right direction to gain a working reference and livelihood whether it will lead to 40 hrs per week I hardly think so but the universe has surprised me at other times..if things are not working out for you.... you can make some small simple and practical choices to get you on the right path, eventually. Honestly when gay culture or str8 culture or raver culture or even human culture you don’t even agree with life can be challenging at best I honestly don’t know who would want to be in a relationship with me, I am difficult,  and brazen and pretty weird. But that is one reason why I am single these days I think somebody would have to be pretty crazy to mesh with the rave rev, at the very least they would have to have a high intelligence level to even quantify everything I discuss on a daily basis and to tell you the truth there are not many intelligent people in the dating world these days they just want you to sniff out their asshole I mean anything else does not even resonate with them so what gives? Is it me ? is it them? Hahaha I will never figure it out. Blessings in the dhamma Rev Guru z3n8