Monday, August 29, 2022

People will wonder how I did it all its simple

Church got in pre covid has a 10+ year history and like 17,000 thousand hours of material

z3n8 and social-credit I want people to think of a triple penetration scene every time they think of the theme of social credit I scoured about 5000 blogs for about 400 suitable ones in which I could scrape the pictures there are tumblr rippers out there managed to amass over 1M jpegs and GIFs which are held in a vault the content I scraped from 400 tumblr blogs results in my daily posts I make 5x 10 posts per day on each blawg keeps people coming back they liken my style to versace not a single mullet not a weird twink I mean risky yes but fuck them all :) 


yes I post pretty much within a few weeks all my new content it has over 7000-8k photos on it of all my styles

second life

the most killer rave communal spot on the metaverse


200 listings with 2000 total fine art prints and downloadables for sale (lotsa hard hard agonizing work babes lol ) getting some killer fucken reviews one nasty fucker too hahaha asshole troll :)