Sunday, July 10, 2022


So a lot of stuff is happening as of lately....yes there has been a timeline shift into a totally different reality and dimension with cern and Large hadron Collider starting back up –immediately on the chopping block was the georgia guidestones, this is the most high working to defeat Satanism and freemasonry in all forms, this is why you do not see many people unless they are highly attuned actually oppose these fucks is because nobody knows exactly what they are up too, only the most enlightened can see the parallels of reality and curses taking place, these things are generational and such so there is literally a billion years old magic working to defeat every single one of us. Crazy it is to think about actually is the fact that countless other beings, dimensions and realities are happening just outside of our awareness, like immense hell worlds and gelatinous creatures, torture ....massive amounts of space drugs all being consumed and happening just next and outside our vivid reality of familiarity...People spend their whole lives defending a gender identity or sexuality when what if you do not even really identify as a human being? What if you see yourself as a multi special inter dimensional energetic being of light? Just intense to think about that the hell dimensions are so close to our waking reality most likely overlapping it in some degree and happening concurrently and probably alongside our own waking life its immense to think about that .....god as you know her could actually be living in absolute paradise somewhere just out of focus, with weird fat strange genderless open surgery victim hell beings torturing poor souls just below her....were stuck on developing illusion our entire lives and feeding an illusion state working on our muscles to stay sexually attractive on a body and penis that will eventually turn to dust literally, if only people spent their lives developing their mind, they would have all the answers they seek in the form of where did I come from? And most of all importance how do I chart my path after this place, everything in this world is over regulated and way too familiar in a sense..even to advertise  a billboard has a standard to follow and this soft totalitarianism is everywhere just hidden in regulation surrounding every aspect of life...but things could be far worse, we could go to the realm where the suicide victims go where there is this world just 10x worse with no free will and massive stupid rules you must follow then there is the torture realms where the severely anti social go but that is only because they manifested it....The supreme governance does not send people away for all of eternity to burn and rot, the universe is much kinder than that, you have probably dozens upon dozens of different grades of hell dimensions to go to, and this ranges for punishment for the common purse snatcher who never learnt from their mistakes all away up to somebody that eats people their whole lives, the sadistic realms would employ your energy there if you were thrown there...But I have to say the blank astral world just outside of this reality that is like ours just no free will and no comforts like the internet and porn and food etc is quite something to comprehend...but likewise there is many grades above and beyond this free will reality into the heavens the absolute the supreme, with the highest possible realms given to those that spent their waking life bettering themselves and altering humanity to some degree....honestly even another go around in this world for me would be absolute hell but I have always fought for sexuality, expression, freedom from secrets, lifting the veil/veal of illusion and I just hope and pray that there will be an eternity in somewhere equal or better to this reality...In a sense growing is the responsibility of each soul and some choose to just sit and watch the news all day with the time they are given, what an incredible waste of energy, spirit, time, and effort....These people will come back again and again to drink their beer and be opinionated and vote for the people that feed them hand to mouth never challenging anything, never achieving anything like immensity or profoundness or intensity or vividness....our culture eradicates most creativity vindictively and forces most people to just be complete slaves with no other purpose but constant materialism and feeding their sen5es...How the other worlds must see us, with one out of every 500,000,000 actually doing “something” of substance, of merit, rather than just be a blip in the matrix...people really gravitate to these people because they affect change in all they do they are indigo elitist/indigo elders/anomalies that can program change in little ways everywhere they go and in everything they do...yes everything has a Mandela effect on you and your soul, from japans prime minister being assassinated to the Georgia guidestones being demolished -to the world events taking place all around you has a small but tiny and dramatic immense effect on your may not think you have anything to do with Madonna or justin beiber but these people have invested interest in your dreams and in some little way your survival depends on their choices to a certain degree...Ive always felt that so many people do not use reality as a tool for enlightenment so much going on in Washington and japan and Ukraine, and technically these places exist right but also technically in your level of awareness philosophically they do not actually have any sort of basis to YOUR reality...think about it for a second you hear about NEW York or Ukraine endlessly but unless you are there personally it does not involve your soul or your nature, people would say guru z3n8 but they do exist, well how do they exist if you have never ever even seen the place with your own eyes..the only reality you need to concern yourself with is your immediate reality...Please only do that which is  good in life, do not operate on the level of pain and suffering negativity and hatred and vanity or you will suffer another go around at this matrix shopping mall....we have lost some immense ravers in the past decade, and honestly I do not advocate doing as much drugs as I did, you would have no real ability to live life and its a gamble whether you can actually function or could totally fry your brain to the point of being an autistic permafry wandering the streets with three backpacks no place to go no life no home no condo no love no money god what an existence to be so fried that you even forget you have needs financially and spiritually not to mention full liberation as a goal so its important that you take care of many needs at once so that you may experience liberation past the sen5es..So many people are just literally attracted to flaps in skin everywhere these human beings find these obtrusions and orifices to be sexually appealing what if everyone found the mind to be sexually attractive not how a protrusion of your skin or breasts, dick or ass looks its all such an illusion that only a Buddha could see, I see couples walking down the street and its like what do they really love about each other, is it the extra flaps or the guys mushroom head dick, is it her huge tits, is it her hair? Its all so alien to me, of course I graded my mates on physical qualities in the past and many of my mates have been extremely attractive but i have had even attractive ones that had super ugly and very foul hearts and souls ick yuck disgusting ! fortunately I fall in love with somebody that can grasp me, and protect me from millions of assassin masons hahaha oh to be a philosopher in the year 2022 that profession went out the window ages ago its sad, you would think there would be people going around making people think all the time hahaha not the case....I love art so much I am working at a gallery now it is so amazing and a beautiful way to spend a few hours people watching what a wonderful world where I am able to manifest a day where I can be surrounded by art for my shift and help protect the space and give people a safe and comfortable place to contemplate the meaning of art and life...what a blessing