Thursday, June 23, 2022

Edict on Professional Development

SO......Big news, I have decided to take the Graphic Design Program at Visual College of Art and Design - I am sick of being a broke artist, money is a motivating factor to take on student loan debt of 30k so if I was hired as a graphic designer at an ad firm minimum I would be making is $50k a year and that is 48k more than I make now man I would b loaded - so the program is about 2-3 years and my loan payments would equal my current debt payments however when I finish skooling I will be debt free cause they all are paid off by time I graduate and replace that with student loan debt haha I would probably qualify for about 8k-15k in grants bursaries etc so that would knock about half off my loan and the fear is totally gone I know even wif my current portfolio I would be picked up by a toronto design firm or advertising agency in a heartbeat GET EDUCATED as they say I mean this totally makes sense to go to art skool online hehe its totally designated for student loans and 100% online delivery and its only a ferry ride away to graduate 🙂